Chena Outdoor Collective

Welcome to Two Rivers, Alaska: Home to the Chena River Recreation Area, the “Chena” Rivers, Chena Hotsprings and where the Alaskan Husky outnumbers the human residents in the valley. Two Rivers, also known as the “Valley of Champions”, harbors world class Alaskan Huskies of the Iditarod & Yukon Quest International Sled Dog races. Visit Chena Outdoor Collective to learn about the history of Dog Mushing, Reindeer & Gold Mining in Alaska.


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Where Alaska, authenticity & education collide.

Amanda Brooks & Ryne Olson  |  co-Founders


Our Story

We are a collective of young outdoor enthusiasts who have made Alaska our home. We pride ourselves in adventure and have embraced the Alaskan way of life. We live off-grid with Alaskan Huskies & Reindeer in log homes & yurts that we’ve built by hand.


From traplines and bush planes to running dogs in the Yukon Quest and Iditarod under the Northern Lights at -40F, our tales of survival and camaraderie will give you a full look into our life in the frozen North.


Our Team

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RYNE OLSON | Co-Founder + Guide

Ryne is a human teammate on the Ryno Sled Dog Kennel race team. She’s competed in two Iditarods and four Yukon Quests as well as several mid-distance races including earning a 1st place finish in the Copper Basin 300. When not mushing, she’s not sure what to do with her time. Luckily, Alaska is full of fun adventures like flying, hiking, fishing, and horseback riding.

Ryno Kennel

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AMANDA BROOKS | Co-Founder + Guide

Before Amanda landed in Alaska, she sailed 5,000+ miles on old wooden schooners off-shore of the Eastern Seaboard and the Caribbean, fished the North Atlantic seas from Georges Banks to the Gulf of Maine, and now travels by dog team exploring the Frozen North.

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